Monday, September 25, 2006

Confessions of an Apple Junkie

I recently sent out an ad at work about my 12-inch Apple Powerbook. I was fishing out bids hoping to sell it so I can buy a new Apple MacBook. The black one, in particular.

Then people started asking me why I wanted a new laptop. Have I outgrown my PowerBook? Is it the Intel processors in the new Macs? Is it a lot faster?

No, I haven't outgrown my PowerBook. It's plenty fast and more than enough for what I actually use it for. The Intel processors may be faster and allow you to install XP but why would I want to desecrate a serene Mac with the vile XP? Nope. Not the new processors.

Then I started thinking of some sort of a technical justification for it.

Faster, yeah. But I probably won't notice it. More memory? Yeah, but I can just go to Fry's and spend $50 to add more memory to my current one. It has a built in camera? Mmmm. That's cool, but what would I use it for?

Then I had to come clean. I don't have a technical justification for wanting one. I want it because it's black and the one I have right now is silver. Which doesn't match my iPod.

Exhibit 1: The way it is. Silver and black. I'm not a Raiders fan. It doesn't look right. No.

Exhibit 2: Next alternative...get the silver Nano. But I've tried the small storage route before (remember the Mini?) and didn't work for me.

Exhibit 3: Buy a brand new pair. I can go all out and do this:

Exhibit 4: A real beauty: Don't they just look reaaaaaally good together?

So there you go, folks. Ever wonder why Apple continues to be successful despite a reaaaaally low market share(3.48% in the US, 2.4% worldwide)? Apple has a cult-like following. They are not price-sensitive and as an added bonus (as it seems to be in my case...) they are also extremely vulnerable to marketing. People switch/stay with Apple for technical superiority (I may be a schmuck but it's still undeniable than Macs are still a thousand times better than any PC in the market) but the "cool" reasons keep you buying.

I don't buy Prada, Coach or Louis Vuitton. I don't know what a real Gucci handbag looks like, as most women my age seem to be experts on it. I couldn't care less that I wear shoes that I paid less than $10 for. I buy my clothes from Target and Ross (ok, Goodwill) dammit don't get on my case for my Apple habit.

Ok. The first step is admitting you have a serious problem.

Alright. Hi. My name is Lisa. I'm an Apple junkie.

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Carradee said...

Nice to meet a fellow Apple junkie!

Never owned a Windows comp (though friends come to me for help with their Windows computers), and I love my 14" Powerbook. That I'm mostly done paying off.

I shop at Goodwill and like stores because I find Target expensive. <_< I didn't even realize that incongruity till you mentioned it.

Glad to meet you!